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Docker undefined symbol seccomp_api_get

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Docker undefined symbol seccomp_api_get

After centos successfully installs docker, starting service docker, and then run the container hello-world, the automatic pull is successful, and I got error is reported when running like Docker undefined symbol :

runc: symbol lookup error: runc: undefined symbol: seccomp_api_get
docker: Error response from daemon: cannot start a stopped process: unknown.

At first I thought it was because docker was not installed correctly or the version was wrong (the latest version I installed), so I decided to downgrade, first remove and then install the lower version of docker, after everything was reinstalled, docker run hello-world again, the result Still the same error. I checked the error report on Baidu for a long time, and there was no article about the error information. So I asked the classmate who was engaged in hardware, and the classmate hit the nail on the head: This is a problem such as the lack of header files or related libraries, so I finally found the problem according to the picture. The dependent package is missing, so the dependent package is installed and the problem is solved:

yum install libseccomp-devel

Good luck 🙂


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